Local election results: Yate North

THE Liberal Democrats retained all three seats in the Yate North ward, with a hugely increased margin of victory.

Mike Drew, a sitting South Gloucestershire councillor, topped the poll with 2,282 votes. The other sitting councillor, Ben Nutland, had 2,228 votes, two behind Yate town councillor Chris Willmore, with 2,230.

Leading Conservative candidate Sonia Williams was 1,469 votes behind, in what was a straight contest between three Lib Dems and three Tories.

The margin of victory for the third-placed Lib Dem over the fourth-placed Conservative was almost double the 2019 figure of 774: between them the three Lib Dem candidates received three times as many votes as the three Tories.

Full results:

Election CandidatePartyVotes%
Mike DrewLiberal Democrats228225%Elected
Chris WillmoreLiberal Democrats223025%Elected
Ben NutlandLiberal Democrats222825%Elected
Sonia WilliamsConservative Party7598%Not elected
Matt LewisConservative Party7348%Not elected
David Penry WilliamsConservative Party7338%Not elected
Figures from South Gloucestershire Council