Teachers ‘extremely disappointed’ after Ofsted says school is inadequate

A VILLAGE primary school has been put into special measures after regulator Ofsted said it was ‘inadequate’.

Rangeworthy Primary School was visited by two Ofsted inspectors in September last year.

Their report, published in December, said the school had undergone “significant staff turbulence” since the previous inspection rated it as ‘good’ in 2018.

The report said: “This school requires special measures because it is failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education and the persons responsible for leading, managing or governing the school are not demonstrating the capacity to secure the necessary improvement in the school.”

Ofsted said lead inspector Jen Southall had met with South Gloucestershire Council and the director of primary education from a local trust that has been helping the school to bring in changes. 

A new head teacher, Samantha Travis, took over last summer and told the Voice work was well under way to bring in changes which she hoped would result in improvements.

The report said: “The school, including governors, has been too slow to sort out the widespread weaknesses. 

“The quality of education that pupils receive is poor.

“The recently-appointed school leaders are working with the governing body to provide some clarity and direction. They have identified the failings of the school. 

“However, it is too soon to see any demonstrable impact.”

The Church of England school, which has 53 pupils aged from five to 11, was assessed as being inadequate for quality of education, leadership and management, and early years provision. 

Pupil behaviour and attitudes, and personal development both require improvement, the inspectors said.  

The report said that despite the failings, pupils enjoy going to the school.

But it concluded the curriculum was “weak and poorly planned”, and did not set out the key knowledge that pupils need to know, understand and remember. 

The inspectors said: “The school does not provide pupils with the education they deserve. Pupils do not learn enough in too many subjects.”

Pupils with special educational needs or disabilities were not getting the help they needed.

The inspectors did say that relationships within the school are strong, and pupils are confident that they can talk to any adult if they have a concern.

Miss Travis said: “We were extremely disappointed with the outcome the Ofsted inspection, but fully accepted the findings. 

“Having been recently appointed to post at the time of inspection, I was heartened that inspectors were satisfied that we were already making progress with the work underway to make essential improvements at the school, and our strengths were also recognised.

“Inspectors commented on the positive work being done to support children’s personal development and well-being while keeping them safe. They also said that pupils enjoy coming to school, are friendly, polite, and play happily together. 

“Our new leadership team remain focussed on continuing to drive forward the work we are doing to make the required improvements, with additional training being provided for our staff and measures being implemented to address the issues raised in the report. 

“We are confident that this work is delivering positive results, and we remain focussed on developing and delivering the best possible school environment and education for our children.